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Agility is essential for every successful athlete. An athlete’s ability to explosively start, decelerate, change direction, and accelerate again quickly while maintaining body control and minimizing a reduction in speed is essential to their success in their given sport. Find out how you can help your athletes step it up in practice and at game time.


Developing the muscles of the back are essential to being a truly powerful athlete. Most strength and muscle-building movements rely on a strong back, which helps provide the stability and foundation athletes need in the weight room. Having weak back muscles opens athletes up to underperformance and injury, and hurts the team as a whole.


Having a good sense of balance is essential to any sport. Being able to be aware of your surroundings and adapt to situations quickly while still maintaining composure and control throughout your body is key to dominating at the elite level in any sport.


The chest is a staple in the strength community. A properly conditioned chest allows your athletes to exhibit power in their upper body and apply maximum force into opponents in multiple sports. The stronger their chest, the less tension on their shoulders while throwing at max speeds.


Conditioning gives the athlete an advantage over their competitor. The better conditioned they are, the more likely they will be able to perform at a higher level for a longer period of time. Outperforming the opponent when it counts is always the priority to a top competitor.


Core strength is immensely important to any athlete, at any level. Having a strong core can greatly benefit athletes in training with heavy weight and in the athlete’s ability to maintain stability. A solid core is critical as a foundation in any training system.

Glutes & Hamstrings

Glutes and Hamstrings are oftentimes overlooked in the sports world, yet they are arguably the most important muscle groups. Keeping your glutes and hamstrings strong will allow your athletes to be more explosive and can help prevent acute and chronic knee injuries. Strong glutes and hamstrings can relieve the knees from quadriceps dominant athletes when performing sudden and explosive movements reducing the risk of tendons tearing in the knee.


The more flexible your athletes are, the more they will be able to do on and off the field. Lack of flexibility can put a limit on their capabilities, keeping them from performing at their maximum potential. Being flexible allows athletes to outwork their opponents with leverage. In most sports, the more flexible your athletes are, especially in their hips, the more likely they will be able to gain leverage and win the battle.


Your athlete’s glutes play an important and specific role when performing at the next level. It is one of the foundations of the lower body but will also allow them to exhibit more power throughout their whole body. When engaging their glutes, athletes allow their body to increase its maximum output giving the ability to build more muscle overall.


Having strong and flexible hips can either make or break an athlete. Being able to perform in an athletic environment with locked hips can keep athletes from making the extra effort needed to make a play. Having flexible but strong hips will help get them in the correct running form but also power away from the opponent.


Your legs provide you with the foundation you need to be an effective athlete. Legs are used in everything an athlete does so it only makes sense to make sure they are as strong and mobile as possible. Being able to exert a powerful max force in a small amount of time with the legs is crucial to performing at high levels and being able to keep up with the best.

Meet the Experts

Drillstack formed a group of experts in athlete performance to serve as our advisors and help coaches to get the best results out of their teams. Agility, strength and speed are just a few of the areas our experts specialize in. Get to know our advisory council, their experience and how they contribute to the Drillstack team.


Mobility and flexibility go hand and hand. Being flexible allows athletes to be more mobile. If they are not mobile, chances are, they are not going to perform at the level that you want to or need them to. An athlete’s mobility separates them from others by giving them the advantage on and off the field.


Eating and drinking the right things will not only keep your athletes healthy but it will help them perform better at game time. Consuming the right nutrients to fuel their body through workouts or even just through the day can make a huge difference in the way they perform in their sport.

Overall Fitness

Having an overall focus on health and fitness is not just for performing in sports but in life as well. A healthy lifestyle gives athletes the energy, confidence, and ability to perform everyday whether that be in school or on the field.


It is almost impossible to think of a sport that does not involve power. Being able to exert controlled, powerful and explosive movements can set your team apart from the crowd. Every sport involves a point of potential energy that is released as kinetic energy. How fast that action occurs and how powerful you can make it can be a game changer.


Safety is not just providing the right protective gear for your team, it is also informing the athletes of proper nutrition and hydration and teaching the athletes proper movements and correct form in order to execute an exercise correctly. Improper form can lead to chronic and acute injuries potentially ending an athlete’s career.


Shoulder stability and strength is really important especially in sports involving high volume shoulder movement involving the rotator cuff. Putting max tension on the shoulder muscles and tendons with high volume of repetition can lead to increase shoulder injuries potentially putting your athletes out of the game. Making sure they keep their shoulders strong and mobile by performing the right amount of accessory and strength work is essential to stay in the game longer.


Everybody knows that speed kills. If your athlete has the ability to create separation by being explosive with the correct running form and quick feet, the rest is behind you. Most sports involve powerful bursts of running within a 5-15 yard distance. The long distance yardage is made when the athlete can be explosive with long and powerful strides long after the point of contact.


Having strength can never hurt, it can only help, but there is a difference between strength and being powerful or explosive. Power involves speed and time, strength just involves the ability to overcome that force and does not involve the speed/time it happens in. For example, you might be able to squat 300 pounds, but at what speed can you get from point A to B and how much time does it take? Strength is developed by maximal effort, such as 1 rep maxes or even for 2-3 maximal effort repetitions.