This page includes all of the features that Drillstack offers. We are a digital tracking and athlete ranking systems that allows you to test, manage, score, track and share everything you have recorded with Drillstack.

The features that we have are listed below:

Integrated laser timing with Dashr   

Dashr and Drillstack have teamed up to bring you efficiency and accuracy.  Now when an athlete crosses the finish line using Dashr Laser Technology the time automatically populates for that athlete on the Drillstack app.

Real time results 

When you are connected to the internet during testing, the results from testing are constantly updating the rankboard in real time.

Offline capabilities

No internet connection? No problem!  Drillstack offers offline capabilites so you can test anywhere, at any time.

Filter capabilities on rankboard and athlete profile

Athletes and coaches can see where each athlete stacks up  by having advanced filters capabilities.  Use multiple filters at the same time for further specifics.

Detailed athlete profiles

Athletes get a detailed graph analysis about each event and drill they compete in.  Athletes can share these results across social media too!

Side by side event comparisons

As a coach you can view your team as a whole and compare two testing events side by side.  This will give you the high, average, and low for each drill.  This also comes with filter capabilities for specifics.

Customize drills specific to you

If you can put a number on it, you can test it.