Top 5 drills Texas High School Coaches Test

As a coach, you probably have a list of drills that you stick to in order to gauge an athlete’s performance.  Those drills probably fall in line with nearly one thousand other coaches that were surveyed by Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine. Let’s take a look at the top 5 drills starting with number 5.

This was taken from a poll of 978 football coaches in the state of Texas and 758 responded.  Here’s what we got back.

  • 5. The pro agility shuttle (5-10-5) – 614 votes / 62%
  • 4. Power Clean – 696 votes / 71%
  • 3. 40 – 746 votes / 76%
  • 2. Squat – 751 votes / 77%
  • 1. Bench – 758 votes / 100%

Now why did these drills make the top 5?  What do they have in common? 1, 3, and 5 are in the NFL combine. The vertical jump got close to 100 less votes than pro agility and it drops off when it gets to deadlift with close to 300 votes less than the vertical.   

For most coaches the bench press is not what is important when measuring athletic performance, yet it’s the number 1 drill/lift chosen to test athletes.  At what point was the bench press considered a lift that showed great value when testing an athlete?  

The first full time strength and conditioning coach from Nebraska, Boyd Epley, has 5 national championships under his belt. Guess what lift he didn’t test. The bench press.  His reason was that it was not a useful measure of football talent. Which in most cases, is that not what football coaches are looking for?

Let us know your thoughts on the subject.