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Easily input data from drills, rank athletes, and share the results in real-time - without stacks of paper. Now you can focus on coaching, not post-testing data-entry. Test your athletes from our website or your favorite iOS or Android device using the Drillstack app! Don’t miss out! Try it for free now and see how Drillstack will simplify and strengthen your job!

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What Coaches Are Saying

"Drillstack has been great for our Strength and Conditioning program here at Marlboro County High School. It has helped us become more organized and up-to-date with the information we have on our athletes. The software has helped us give feedback to our players. It is a great, tangible tool to identify which players have been working hard and showing growth in the weight room. We are starting our second off-season with the Drillstack program. It has helped me as a strength coach gauge where our players are in comparison to where they were during last year's offseason program. I am able to reconfigure my workouts if needed because the information is so easily accessible and readily available. With the most recent update to the iOS software, I can track players' maxes or update their most recent max right from my phone. Drillstack has made my life as a strength coach more organized and efficient, ultimately making me better at my job. The players love to see the updated Rankboard, which has motivated them to compete with the guys ranked above them. Casey has been available to me whenever I have any questions. He has added/updated the program whenever I have identified what may make Drillstack better/easier for coaches to work with. The few times that I have had trouble with anything, Casey immediately addressed the problem. Drillstack has been fantastic for myself and our athletes. I would highly recommend it for any Strength and Conditioning program at the high school or collegiate level."

- Josh Pierce

Strength and Conditioning Coach/Defensive Coordinator

Marlboro County High School

"Within minutes after seeing what Drillstack was all about and the amount of time I could save, I signed up. Previously, I spent hours compiling data, tracking and ranking the progress of our athletes. Now, it's done before I even get back to my office. Worth every penny."

- Donnie Osborn

Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

Teague High School

"I was a high school coach for 15 years - the last 4 years I’ve done my children’s little league programs - and I was a strength coach for the last 8 years in high school. I haven’t seen any program out here anything like this that can be saved from the phone and be put in the computer. I recently talked to 20 of my coaching associates and they don’t have anything…they’re putting everything in manually. The time it takes to put everyone’s [scores] in is brain numbing…nobody was going to do that. 5th period was our athletic period at Klein Oak, we had 3 big stations with 7-8, possibly 9, coaches in an athletic period. If I had the ability to test something like that in the weight room, I would’ve tested something every week. For them to see it and know where they’re ranked and realize they’re at the bottom of the ranking or at the top, and it’s constantly evolving […] the value is the motivation to them. A seasoned strength coach realizes the motivation to that."

- Rodney Fuhrman

Former Strength Coach

Klein Oak High School

"Wow. That is really cool. That is definitely a game changer. It records, sorts and totals the points automatically. So this eliminates recording results on paper and then putting them on a spreadsheet, sorting and totaling points."

- Billy Dunn

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator/Special Teams Coordinator

Hallsville ISD

"Drillstack was a simple and extremely efficient tool to capture and log the athlete's data. Uploading the roster and data was quick and easy. Having the various reports post-event is great to share with participants and recruiting scouts. I recommend Drillstack to any coach to use in a variety of ways."

- Joe Bouffard

Regional Impact Director at Varsity Brands

Northeast Director of Player Development at All-American Bowl

Founder/CEO at Youth Football Coaches Association

- Ray Kenjura

Former Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

Klein High School

Drillstack Advantages

Drillstack gives your athletes a competitive edge by using data to drive performance and results


Easily create unlimited testing events, choose from preset drills, and upload new or existing rosters


History of data allows you to track an athlete's progress over time and identify strengths and weaknesses


Benchmark your athletes against each other and the competition with advanced filtering capabilities

Test large quantities of athletes quickly and efficiently

Instant input generates instant results and rankings

History of data to track athletes over time

Eliminates unnecessary paper stacks

Use it for ANY sport, ANY drill

Works on iOS and Android